TTC users will hear the voice of comedian Seth Rogen — starting today

TTC announced today that Rogen has voiced public service announcements on transit etiquette

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross, right, tweeted this photo with Seth Rogen on Monday afternoon, hinting at a potential partnership with the Vancouver-born actor. (Twitter/Brad Ross)

It’s official. Starting today, TTC users will hear the familiar voice of a famous Canadian comedian telling them how to behave on public transit.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross announced today that Seth Rogen, who starred in films such as Pineapple Express and Knocked Up, has voiced a series of public service announcements that will begin playing today on Toronto’s subway system.

“I always grew up taking public transportation, and it just seemed like a way to make people’s commutes a little bit more pleasant in some small way,” said Rogen in an interview with CBC’s Here and Now host Gill Deacon.

Rogen said he was allowed to ad-lib on the PSAs, and sent them back and forth for weeks before they were finalized. In one of the announcements, Rogen instructs TTC commuters on the etiquette of personal grooming on transit — basically, please don’t.