So you’re an indie filmmaker, and you keep wondering “How the hell do I get some f*cking money for my movie?” Well you’ve come to the right place.

So you’re an indie filmmaker, and you keep wondering “How the hell do I get some  f*cking money for my movie?”

Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to show you all the places you can get film funding, along with the specific deadlines, and exact links for where to apply to your investors, below.

Just make sure not to refer to their investment as “f*cking money” in front of them.

Sometimes you’ve pitched investors and you don’t get a reply back, but here’s what you can do.

But for non-investment money, grants are great way to get funding.

I’ve bolded anything that has to do with how much money you can get, in case you’re starving artist eyes just want to skim. It’s okay, my starving artist eyes do the exact same thing. I will also arrange this list by what I feel like you’re most likely to get accepted into. By the way, don’t get confused like I did when they call things a “funding program.” It doesn’t mean it’s a course you enrol in, or a dot-exe file; it’s just their term for “funding.”

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In case it’s not obvious, for pretty much everything below, you have to be a Canadian citizen (and sometimes even better, a permanent resident).

Plus all of your crew should be from Ontario, and most of the film should be shot in Toronto. If you have the budget to go abroad and shoot, then this blog isn’t for you. You can close now if you’re expecting tips on getting Gates and Melinda-type funding. This blog is for the micro-filmmaker, trying to break-in, who wants a micro-budget with a micro-crew. I have something else that’s micro but I’m promised surgery, along with a lot of patience from the ladies, will help. Um, that’s for another blog…

Okay, now that I’ve reset your brain…

I will only state non-obvious eligibility criteria. For example, I won’t tell you that you can’t get funding if you’re trying to do a News Show, or a pornography. But what about a News Show pornography? Well, the Japanese have that market cornered; they’re great people.


Canadian Film Centre

Telefilm Canada Micro-Budget Production Program (Link)

Perfect program for newcomers. They actually make it so that you can’t join unless you’re new. How nice is that? I wish niceness like that existed more. Like me. I’m that nice. I’m a lovely man. Heroic even. It feels amazing to be so magnanimous andhumble. *sigh* #amazingpeopleproblems


The producer and director have not produced and/or directed a feature length film (75 minutes or more), but have produced and/or directed at least one short film (30 minutes or less). That’s great news for all of you neophytes.


Unstated but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something along the lines of 100% up to $25,000. That’s just a wild guess though, don’t quote me on that.


The deadline passes on Jan. 17th, 2018, but you can email Jakub at to see if you can get an extension. Or at least, keep them in mind for the future.

How-To Apply

Again, how to apply is unstated, probably because the date passed but like I said, you should still contact Jakub above.


CFC Features (Link)

If you are a writer, director or producer with a feature film in the low-budget realm, then our Bayview friends here can help you out.