The journey of having Canada’s arts and entertainment industry housed under one roof began some time ago. The endeavour seemed daunting! Virtually impossible! But an important quality that arts practitioners possess—a quality that gave life to everything from special effects to high-definition television—is creativity!


We, Charlene Richards and myself, Jason Murray, got creative.

What came out of long brainstorming sessions and sleepless nights is eBOSS Canada, the Entertainment Business One-Stop Shop. This project is more than a labour of love! In many ways, it’s a labour of necessity.

Canada’s entertainment industry—while bursting with growth potential and unarguably a hub where exceptionally talented people reside—is quite fragmented, as actors, comedians, crafts people, visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians, directors, choreographers, producers, production staff, agents, casting directors, publicists and so on operate in silos. The function behind eBOSS is to bridge existing gaps; thus, the benefits of the site are truly endless. A theatre producer mounting a production, for example, can use the Directory section of eBOSS Canada to identify a theatre venue, rehearsal space, a lighting and sound designer, a PR company, and even a truck rental company to transport set. And when promoting the show, this producer can go beyond social media, which only allows the producer to reach his/her friendship network… eBOSS allows this producer to promote the show to the entire industry. Over 600,000 people across Canada work in entertainment, and eBOSS gives the entire community—and the arts and culture patrons looking to engage them—a home.


APPS FOR ANDROID AND IPHONE: Our apps put the industry in the palm of your hands.

The eBOSS apps for Apple and Android are available now and can be downloaded via iTunes and Google Play.
TAKE A MOMENT TO TOUR THE SITE: www.ebosscanada.com
There are so many features to eBOSS Canada! In time, you will discover them all. All companies and users on eBOSS have their own identity and can customize their experience. eBOSS belongs to everyone! The site is ours to build, and make use of.

eBOSS Canada consists of the following sections:

  • THE DIRECTORY: As mentioned above, this section provides contact information for thousands of organizations, suppliers, and personnel in the industry! If your company is not listed, add and promote it;
  • EVENTS: Upcoming Events (e.g. Live Performances, Film Festivals, Courses, Workshops, etc.)! If you have an upcoming performance, course or workshop, post it for free on eBOSS;
  • CLASSIFIEDS: Job Opportunities, For Rent/Sale, Open Calls, etc! If you’re hiring, buying or selling equipment, holding an open-call audition, post it for free on eBOSS;
  • NEWS: News articles keep the industry in the loop! We want to hear what you’ve been up to! Post, for free, your news updates and press releases to keep the industry informed;
  • DEALS: Coupons and discounts are offered and available to all site visitors! You can post and redeem deals, for free;
  • BLOGS: A blog section featuring the contributions of established bloggers, up-and-coming bloggers, and industry professionals;
  • NEWSLETTER: Sign-up for the eBOSS Newsletter, and stay informed.

And if you can believe it, there’s more to come! Once you sign-up, you can go to your personal Dashboard and take advantage of posting… for free!

Welcome to eBOSS Canada! Together, we will strengthen Canada’s arts and entertainment industry.

Create a great day!

Jason and Charlene

Co-Creators and Partners, eBOSS Canada

W: https://www.ebosscanada.com
E: [email protected]