From Karla Welch to Noura Sakkijha, we're highlighting the Canadian women who are having a moment right now.

Karla Welch

From Karla Welch to Noura Sakkijha, we’re highlighting the Canadian women who are having a moment right now.

They move us. They shake us. They make us laugh. They make us think. In addition to our October cover star Annie Murphy, we’re highlighting the Canadian women—across fashion, culture, beauty and more—who are impressing us the most right now.

Karla Welch is hands down the most powerful stylist—even The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter agree. It’s funny to think that Welch, who was born in British Columbia, was once a sommelier. “My big break came when I started styling my husband’s photo shoots,” she says of photographer Matthew Welch, with whom she still often collaborates. Now, she counts Sarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Olivia Wilde as just a few of her regular clients. Welch has also collaborated with brands like Hanes, Express and Levi’s on collections, with a portion of the proceeds from the latter going to the Everytown for Gun and Safety Support Fund.

How has the fashion industry changed since you started in 2002?
“There is much greater respect for celebrity stylists and the effect we have on shaping and helping our clients’ careers. It’s a huge business, and when I started, there was a bit of an editorial snobbiness toward celebs and our process. Now, we really help drive the car!”

You are very active on social media. Why do you think having a voice on these platforms is important?
“There are so many things to shine a light on with even the small influence I have, so I don’t take it for granted. That’s who I am. The point of power is to help the powerless. And I also love sharing my work and life: The Insta-fam is a real thing!”