Ymaphoto Toronto | Ways to prepare for your corporate headshots session

Youssef Abdelmalek of Ymaphoto Toronto gives advice on preparing for your Corporate Headshots

Preparing for headshots is very important and can be detrimental to the success of your session! in this post I list few of my tips for preparing for your headshots and ensuring optimal results. 

As a Toronto headshots photographer I am always striving to help my clients achieve the best results. Expression sells the image and sells you. A headshot that is technically perfect but has a dead expression is no good! The costs of headshots can range from city to city and photographer to photographer. But the number one COST of a headshot is knowledge. I don’t mean the technical side but rather the emotional side. Knowing what your brand is will help you nail the headshot and get the best expression! You are the focus of the headshot, We want you to be the most eye drawing element of the image (not the background, clothes or makeup). It is a very good idea to meet with the photographer before the session since getting along with the photographer and being comfortable is very important.


BY Youssef Abdelmalek of Ymaphoto